Ricardo had an interview job last week and he was late so finally arrive one of the surprises the boss was pretty upset but the biggest surprise was when they saw each others faces they realize that they were twins,after 45 years apart finally reunited but…. the corious thing was that no one say a word so ricardo decided to leave. 5 hours later his brother called him for an apointmen but this time wasn`t for job, his brother really wanted to see him a have a godd talk about what really happened with their lives in 45 years feel what is like to be with his own blood finally, cause he`d never had a real brother and a family when they saw each others faces again felt like the long way to a new life had just begun and have a lot of things in commun both got married but also got divorce, and each one had two sons and the same disease, you know is very commun in the twins to have a lot of things in commun, but the saddest thing they didn`t know about their real parents cause they were babys when their mather a father past away. seems like the life will never return what it took`s away but believe it really does.


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